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Ice fruit Polymer clay cutter/ Clay cutter/ cookie cutter/ ceramic cutter


Ice fruit Polymer clay cutter/ Clay cutter/ cookie cutter/ ceramic cutter



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Cutter Care:
1. These cutters are made from PLA filament which is durable but can be damaged if mistreated.
2. Do not bend your cutters. The cutting edge is a beveled 0.4 mm for sharp cutting, because it is so thin and may lead to break if bent
or not cared properly.
3. Do not put any objects on top of your cutters.
4. Always handwash the cutter with soap and warm water or you can use a soft brush too.
5. Do not soak in water.
6. Cutters are not dishwasher safe.
7. Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container
8. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the edge after each use for a clean cut.
9. It is normal to find imperfections in your cutter while it is 3D printed, but it will not affect the quality of the cutter.
10. Printed on a 3D printer with biodegradable high-quality PLA plastic, safe for the environment and it is safe for food.

Cutter Use:
1. The clay cutters that I designed as a clay artist were 3D printed in my home studio.
2. All cutters have 0.4 cutting edge designed for a clean and sharp cut giving you less post baking sanding.
3. It is recommended to work on a tile, acrylic , glass sheet or any hard surface. (the best glass)
4. We recommend using a light layer of corn starch either on your clay surface or ‘dipping’ your cutter into it before use. Use a soft
brush to brush away excess corn starch.
5. Gently press into clay, slightly wiggle the cutter and lift to remove. Edges can be smoothed with your fingertips or sanded after
baking. I recommend sanding for the cleanest finish.
6. Measurements are taken at the widest or tallest part of the shape and therefore gives the actual measure of the piece of clay that is
cut. Please allow for a +/- 0.5mm variance.


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